Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2 Fast 2 Bad

My grandparents had a saying: You can tell a man by the way he keeps his horse. Yeah, but you can also learn some things by the way he rides it.
I've had quite a few dates where guys were nice but they drove like maniacs. Your date shouldn't fear for their life once your foot hits the gas pedal.
I once dated a guy from another country who you could tell didn't know our traffic laws, I wondered if he was driving legally. I think he did at least five illegal u-turns just on the way to dinner with cars honking at him and stuff. Super nice guy though but I didn't want to get back in the car.

Another guy I dated wouldn't keep his eyes on the road.

Some guys' date jitters manifest behind the wheel in a hazardous way. 

Then some guys drove super slow ticking off everyone around them.

And then you get the classic problem of guys who have no idea where they are going, have not planned ahead, and drive frantically around and around trying to figure out where to go. When I get buckled into these situations I picture what a life time of back seat driving would be like with these guys.

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