Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sole Mate

Mom once said that dating is like trying on shoes. Now I take it further. Some shoes look fabulous but give you blisters. Other shoes aren't much for appearances but feel awesome. And some shoes are AMAZING but you can't afford them.
But you know the shoe that best suits you is out there.
I've had some dates where my date and I wordlessly agreed that it wasn't happening. We were polite,  spoke as if we might speak again, and then neither of us did. Either side of the party doesn't necessarily have to do anything wrong the sparks simply don't fly.
Like trying on a shoe that seems like you should love it but when you look in the mirror it just isn't the right look. Be it personality or principles that don't match; that's okay. The journey is hit and miss. It just gets very tiring. Your socks get sweaty and stretched out after trying on shoes then you just feel hungry and want to go home. It was fun at the start but when you keep striking out you no longer look forward to it. But in the actual case of dating people my age don't have the necessity of fasting from dating like you can shopping. Lots of pressure.

Finding a sole mate or soul mate is work and sometimes it just rubs funny and you just want to run around in socks for a week to a few months after fruitless shopping sprees.

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