Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Deprovert

Some people are a super nova of social energy. Like a swarm of puppies contained in the soul of a single person, they just have to meet everyone and be their friend. They're beloved by all and are sought out by head hunters for jobs.
And then there's the introverts.
And the introverts with depression. Lets call it a deprovert.
And then put a nova-person into the same room as a deprovert...
It sucks the deproverts soul right out leaving them in a whimpering huddle.
But that's worst case scenario. Don't get me started on a depressed/anxiety/introvert. Or Angstdropert.

A depressed introvert has finite emotional energy and in relationships that are emotionally depreciative a deprovert will inevitable withdraw for their own emotional health.

Dates are as bad as interviews if not worse because, as I mentioned in previous posts, the side effects can be guilt ridden.

At the beginning the deprovert is hopeful, engaging, throwing themselves out there trying to make it work.
But if it ain't jiving then the deprovert's emtional bank account is overdrawn. Or in other words, the two personalities simply didn't mesh and there was no emotional deposit.
After a series of unrewarding dates which leave average people un-phased, this is emotionally devastating for a deprovert.  They can spend months recovering. (or how ever long it takes for memories to fall off into the void.)

This is the Black Hole of dating, emotions get sucked right out of a person and never return. They are slowly regrown or nurtured back by supporting loved ones. (Warning, encouraging more dating before a deprovert is recovered is as good as sticking a vacuum hose up their nose and sucking out what little energy they recovered. They need your love more than suggestions.)
In these instances be kind, not helpful.

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