Sunday, September 13, 2015

Slim Pickin's

There's this article floating around facebook that I read and I'm sure lots of you have too.
What Two Religions Tell Us About the Modern Dating Crisis:

It was very enlightening and made lights go on for me. But at the same time made me very depressed. It says that basically, in Utah-Mormon dating circles that there are three women for every two men.
And then people prefer to marry their academic equivalent. In Utah more women than men have their degrees.
But since there is such a unbalance in gender ratios that plastic surgery has become a rising if not already huge industry as women compete for the scarce choice men.
But since the guys have so many choices they take their dear sweet time choosing because they have so many options and they can reproduce during their entire life time unlike women.
So if dating wasn't hard enough now there aren't enough men to go around. I myself have never fit the cultural female mold as I have mentioned so I feel that no matter my qualities my chances are very poor for being chosen among the other more ideal women. And then 90% of those men in that unbalanced demographic, as I also mentioned, are already addicted to porn. Talk about slim pickins'.

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